IT Solutions Provider, US Signal, Chooses Infinidat for High Performance, Scalability and Low TCO

Hear what US Signal has to say about Infinidat:

"With InfiniBox we were able to have the ability to sleep at night, the ability not to worry that a systematic issue would take down my customer base. We have the confidence in that resiliency." - Dave Wisz, Executive VP of Operations.

"Some of the things that set Infinidat apart from other vendors out there was scalability, predictability of price point, the ability to have storage [capacity] already on the data center floor - not always having to augment. We've got the capacity when the customer needs it." - Derrin Rummelt, Director of Cloud Engineering and Research & Development.

"As US Signal continues to grow in the marketplace, and in our products and services we offer to our customers, Infinidat is the perfect partner to grow with us." - Amanda Regnerus, Executive VP of Marketing and Product Development