INFINIDAT and TriCore Solutions: Data Center Transformation

Watch how TriCore Solutions, a leading cloud provider, expanded their services effectively, increased performance and improved operational efficiencies with the InfiniBox storage solution from INFINIDAT. Transcript below:

[Pete Salamanca, Vice President of Infrastructure, TriCore Solutions] Trust is about confidence. It’s about knowing that if you’re asking somebody or something to do something, it’s going to be successful. TriCore Solutions is a managed service provider. We’ve been in business for over 15 years. We are based out of Norwell, Massachusetts. We’re heavily focused in the application management space as it relates to Oracle, ERP, BI, and Microsoft applications. My name is Pete Salamanca. I’m the vice president of infrastructure  here at TriCore Solutions.

[Matt Iavarone, IT Manager, Systems and Storage, TriCore Solutions] Our next generation storage requirements were: a device that can fit in a smaller data center footprint, perform extremely well, complete our backups in a very timely manner, and provide for the rapid growth that we’ve been experiencing here at TriCore. Our requirements for reliability were multiple drive failures without any impact to the performance or the uptime of our systems or our hosted infrastructure. What attracted us to INFINIDAT was the performance, price per GB, and the total storage footprint in the data center.

[Pete Salamanca] Our selection process was to utilize the smallest amount of footprint within our data center, but have the highest amount of available storage in that footprint.

[Matt Iavarone] The results that we saw with the InfiniBox was that we could lose multiple disks, we could lose a storage head, without any impact at all. So, with the implementation of the InfiniBox, the result is that we see significantly higher IOPS than we would have expected, our backup times are much faster -- they perform in such a much smaller amount of time than we would have expected out of a device, and the uptime is guaranteed to be better than anything we would  come to expect from a managed hosting environment.

[Pete Salamanca] What benefited from going on INFINIDAT? Oracle databases, SQL databases, VMware, Exchange, Sharepoint and backups. INFINIDAT is a great fit for TriCore because of its performance, its reliability, and its cost entry point, allowing us to grow into it as we utilize the space.

[Matt Iavarone] So, I bring trust to my customers discussing their needs, their requirements with them and working with them throughout a process so that they feel confident in my experience, my team’s experience, and in our ability to deliver product and to support and maintain those environments that we’re hosting for them throughout the lifecycle of their environment.

[Pete Salamanca] Some of the things that inspired my trust in INFINIDAT were the passion of the people that were working on this product. You see people that don’t need to develop a new storage system that are doing it because they love it. They love the challenge, the workplace. To the other storage manufacturers they can say, “we’re building this thing and let’s see if you can beat it.”