Storing the Future: Data at Scale

Storing and retaining data is challenging. It is often expensive, unreliable, difficult to maintain from a performance perspective, takes up too much floor space in the data center, and consumes too much energy. In order to overcome these challenges, INFINIDAT approached these problems with new thinking.

The result is a new approach to enterprise storage that overcomes the traditional conflict between protecting increasing amounts of valuable data and lowering the cost of storage. This new approach is not just for addressing the data storage challenges of today, but for solving them well into the future.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • The different variables such as reliability, performance and manageability that must be perfectly tuned to achieve optimal results from a storage system at the lowest possible cost
  • How INFINIDAT’s storage solution, InfiniBox, is designed for exceptional performance and extremely high reliability with massive amounts of usable capacity
  • How the InfiniBox helps organizations reduce capital costs and save money on data center space, power consumption, cooling, and more