saberVox Cloud Solutions Gains Unmatched Speed, Reliability and Performance with INFINIDAT

Australia-based, saberVox Cloud Solutions provides cloud computing, managed services and infrastructure solutions to customers in a variety of industries. Previous storage solutions failed to keep pace with their growing business and customers' demands. Learn why the company turned to INFINIDAT for a storage solution that delivers the agility, reliability and performance they need to continually exceed their customers' expectations: 

[Dan Wright, Managing Director, saberVox Cloud Solutions] My name is Dan Wright and I’m the managing director of saberVOX cloud from Newcastle in Australia. I manage a team of engineers who provide cloud services for customers.

We work across many industries. We work with healthcare, manufacturing, engineering. Businesses are now 24/7; they expect their data to be available at all times of the day, on any platform, on any device, in any country.

We have customers who use very small amounts of data for backup, all the way through to customers who require data for large production workloads.

With our previous storage provider, we faced many challenges. We were growing so fast that or storage solution wasn’t able to keep up. We were having large amounts of downtime, problems with the infrastructure, problems getting support.

We needed a system that was scalable, that was cost effective, that enabled our business to grow as our customers’ demands were growing. We needed a product that enabled us to provision new customer workloads quickly and efficiently, being able to report on the amount of data that the customer was using, a solution that enabled us to replicate our customers’ data between different geos.

The other providers didn’t give us the scalability that we needed. Cloud was far too restrictive. Private data center hosting didn’t give us the management and control that our customers expect us to have.

InfiniBox gives us every option that we need to manage our customers’ workloads and be able to give our customers the support and the service that they require.

In addition, the management and the operations of the InfiniBox have enabled us to free resources to now work on customer projects rather than looking at the storage and working on supporting that product.

InfiniBox is an intelligent solution that provides speed, reliability, performance. It’s unmatched by any of its competitors. But what’s important to me is the benefits that our customers have seen. Soon after implementing the InfiniBox, one of my customers called me, an engineering customer who’d noticed massive improvement.  The performance that they got was unparalleled, was so much quicker than the previous system, that they begged us never to go back to the old storage platform.

We’ve had outstanding success with InfiniBox. It’s been proven time and time again that it was the right choice for our business. InfiniBox was the right solution for us. I would strongly recommend InfiniBox for your business.