Why Progressive Upgraded Their Data Center with Infinidat

Learn why IT service provider, Progressive, turned to Infinidat when it came time to upgrade their data center. The company needed to stay ahead of their customers’ needs and was trying to figure out if they could consolidate onto a single system. They selected Infinidat after screening other providers because:

  • Infinidat’s storage solution best meets their business requirements for high reliability and excellent performance
  • Infinidat’s proactive support identifies and fixes issues before they become a problem
  • The solution enables them to save money on their data storage requirements

Watch the video to learn more.


[Narrator] The consultancy Progressive has in over a decade adapted and tailored IT solutions for small and medium sized enterprises and thus created an optimal IT infrastructure. However, it is imperative for Progressive to be one step ahead of their customers’ needs as a data center provider for many customers. That is why the company was very careful when upgrading its data center recently.

[Robert Dale, Operations Architect, Progressive] We got started looking for a new storage system, by initially trying to figure out how we could consolidate what we had, and what were the basic business criteria for a new storage system. Did we need to have multiple systems to deal with the different aspects of the business, or, could we consolidate all of this into a single system?

[Narrator] One by one the providers were screened and deselected, and in the end, the choice fell on Infinidat.

[Morten Olsen, Chief Technology Officer, Progressive] We chose Infinidat because it could fulfill all three requirements that we normally talk about. We want good, fast, and cheap and the normal situation is that you actually get two out of three.

[Dale] You get a good price. You get an extremely good support level, excellent delivery, and a purely enterprise-class system that comes ready-to-use.

[Narrator] With their focus on low energy consumption, high speed, and uptime with a competitive price tag, in the end Infinidat was the best match for Progressive’s list of demands.

[Dale] The support interaction we have had has been phenomenal in terms of their interest, even to the point where we have been informed by them that there’s an issue and they have fixed it -- and it was after they fixed it that that we discovered that it had an issue. I mean, this I have not experienced before.

[Narrator] When Morten Olsen points out the type of company that can benefit from a storage solution from Infinidat he has no doubt.

[Olsen] Basically anybody who is considering using the public cloud because with Infinidat you can actually get a far better performance and a cheaper price. We can move up into true enterprise-class storage with very high reliability and very high performance.