Meitav Dash Gains a Competitive Advantage with Enterprise Data Storage from Infinidat

Meitav Dash is a leading investment firm with over $37 billion under management. Learn how Meitav Dash improved application response time by 200 to 300 percent, providing both customers and employees with a much better experience: Transcript below:

[Gil Tsabar, VP, Information Technologies, Meitav Dash] Time for Meitav Dash is how we look in the eyes of our customers and business. Waiting less for customer support, getting the trading data as fast as possible for one side and being able to serve more and more customers from the other side is the meaning of time.

Meitav Dash needed a faster, more robust solution that would enable our employees to be more responsive to customers while also providing greater uptime.

[Alexander Rosenberg, IT Infrastructure Manager] Meitav Dash looked at half a dozen storage solutions, some completely flash-based and other more traditional.

[Gil Tsabar] We needed an intelligent solution that would keep us one step ahead of our competition. That means making sure that our systems have the utmost speed. We also wanted to ensure that as we grow that speed will not be affected over time.

[Alexander Rosenberg] When we heard about Infinidat and compared it to other storage vendors including all-flash arrays, we found InfiniBox to be a more advanced solution. InfiniBox met all of our needs and perfectly matched what we were looking for.

[Gil Tsabar] As we started implementing the system, one of the system engineers told me that in the process of copying a full server from one area to another, the copy was so fast he thought something had gone wrong.

[Alexander Rosenberg] With InfiniBox, Meitav Dash has accomplished three major goals -- increased application speed, improved stability and enhanced flexibility.

[Gil Tsabar] We’ve increased speed and uptime while decreasing maintenance time, and on the way we got greater scalability.

[Alexander Rosenberg] Processes that used to take a few hours, now take a few minutes. While IT systems come up faster and run uninterrupted longer than they ever did before.

[Gil Tsabar] By using InfiniBox our customers no longer complain about delays in loading applications. Our response time has increased by 200 to 300 percent providing both our customer and our employees a much better experience.

The more we use InfiniBox, the more we realize that we made the best decision to go with Infinidat. We’ve increased speed and efficiency to achieve greater business value. You can’t get a better solution than Infinidat.