InfiniBox Storage Array: Designed for Performance

Data center growth and storage economics are demanding two core things — performance and cost efficiency. InfiniBox’s design and architecture relies on these principles. It comprises the use of industry standard components, coupled with breakthrough software innovation allowing us to deliver over a million IOPs at drastically reduced cost.

InfiniBox consists of a grid of triple active nodes that provide all the compute power, multiprotocol connectivity and data analytics needed to process the trillions of objects that correlate to the petabytes of usable capacity managed by our system.

Data objects that are held in cache are organized, protected, analyzed and managed before being stored on spinning media. INFINIDAT has patented a unique and agile method to inspect and categorize data into different patterns which then guides us in how we lay out the final data on disk.

The InfiniBox uses a trie, a patented data structure design where memory blocks are organized in dynamic patterns rather than traditional fixed volume structures. The trie is extraordinarily compact, efficient, and above all, extremely fast. The trie is the catalyst that allows the system to optimize all components in a hybrid system for all operations, regardless and independent of volume size, workload, protocol, disk type or host access.

Legacy architectures utilize a series of slow and antiquated procedures when accessing or managing data. These methods are no longer efficient, reliable nor scalable for today’s workload requirements.

InfiniBox created a new paradigm in data storage and management that eliminates the nuances of such legacy disk practices. Information is destaged onto hundreds of disks in a dispersed and parallel data model using our multimodal, log structured write methodology. By making random data patterns behave in a sequential fashion, we have removed the major impediments that have required conventional storage arrays to be configured with thousands of spindles or expensive alternatives like flash to mask the inabilities of their existing architectures.

Our smart combination of memory management, patents, the dynamic trie tree, and the removal of random data profiles, are all key elements in achieving fast and consistent performance under all application workloads. All of this is packaged in a compelling, cost-efficient, highly reliable and unparalleled, scalable storage array. This is InfiniBox.