IDG Vendor Profile Cover.png INFINIDAT Bucks Storage Market Trends

Learn why enterprises should consider INFINIDAT when looking for cost-effective high performance in 3rdPlatform computing environments or when moving to denser workload consolidation for efficiency reasons. Download this vendor profile by IDC to discover:

  • How INFINIDAT's high-density storage platform delivers better than all-flash performance and availability.
  • Why INFINIDAT is quickly becoming a formidable competitor in the petabyte (PB)–scale enterprise storage market with significantly faster revenue growth than any other segment.
  • How INFINIDAT's architecture enables it to compete directly with All-Flash Arrays to host latency-sensitive, mission critical workloads.
  • How INFINIDAT's lower blended price-per-gigabyte cost enables enterprises to cost-effectively consolidate secondary storage on the same system.


Source: IDC, INFINIDAT Bucking External Storage Market Trends with Continued High Revenue Growth and Profitability, ,Eric Burgener, November 2017