Understanding the Impact of Comprehensive Data Security

Data breaches continue to make headlines, exposing massive amounts of customer data. To better secure client information, businesses are encrypting data at higher levels of the IT stack, ideally in the application and the database. However, doing so immediately impacts their all-flash arrays, increasing their Total Cost of Ownership by 5-7x. How can you manage data growth and security at petabyte-scale without the data reduction technology that forms the cornerstone of all-flash arrays' TCO story?

Download this white paper to learn:

  • Why checking the “encryption box” is no longer enough prevention to deal with data breaches
  • How all-flash arrays are increasing the attack surface and the steps to take to secure your data
  • How Infinidat’s enterprise-proven solution can help you manage petabyte-scale operations, with encrypted data, with fewer risks and all the performance needed to keep your business innovative