Service Provider, Cedacri, Gains Reliability, Flexibility and Efficiencies with Infinidat

When service provider, Cedacri, was looking for a storage solution that would provide their clients in the financial services industry with greater reliability, their storage administrators with greater ease of use, and the flexibility the company needs to contend with a growing customer base, they turned to Infinidat. Watch the video or read the transcript below to learn why:

[Dario Bonavitacola, Director of IT Operations and Security, Cedacri] Cedacri is Italy’s leading outsourcer for the finance industry. Overall, we manage approximately 10% of the value of Italy’s global banking system.

Data is critical for our service delivery model. It is very challenging in that we see constant growth in the need for data storage. This requirement pushes Cedacri to constantly look for new technology solutions that will allow us to increase the levels of efficiency and data security while offering the same overall cost for an ever-expanding perimeter. This is why we looked for suppliers able to provide flexible capacity solutions.

After some scouting, we found Infinidat to be the ideal solution, also due to its ability to integrate with our cloud solution via standards-based protocols such as OpenStack.

[Alessandro Spigaroli, Systems Design and Technical Innovation, Cedacri] Cedacri’s first requirement in looking for a new storage solution was the ability to consolidate its storage environment while enabling higher levels of reliability, flexibility and dynamic growth. In addition to consolidation, we needed a solution that would be easily managed by storage administrators.

We selected Infinidat after several POCs as we were able to appreciate its scalability and software-defined storage capabilities. We acquired two systems on which we migrated our VMware systems, our cloud and data warehouse. Deployment was surprisingly quick and easy.