Recover Business-critical Workloads Quickly and Confidently

“...InfiniGuard’s architecture is ideally suited to meet the backup and ransomware recovery needs of a consolidated mix of business-critical applications at petabyte scale.”

InfiniGuard delivers enterprise-class backup and extremely fast recovery times without compromising on backup windows and cost. This ESG Technical Validation examines InfiniGuard’s real-world recovery performance based on both hands-on testing and customers’ experiences in production.

Download the Validation to learn how InfiniGuard:

    • Recovers your business-critical workloads quickly, safely, and without performance impact in the event of a cyber-attack, hardware failure, natural disaster or accidental data corruption
    • Reduces cost, risk and downtime with technologies including intelligent caching and data reduction
    • Makes it easy to deploy, manage, and integrate with leading backup software. Using immutable snapshots makes it easy to protect backup data sets.

*Source: ESG Technical Validation: Enterprise-class Data Protection with InfiniGuard from Infinidat, Recover Business-critical Workloads with Confidence, May 2021